Private, online sessions to practice your General-American English accent.


Consistent practice with the right coach is the most effective way to gain confidence with and improve your General-American (Gen-Am) English accent.

      • Do you have a good grasp of the English language but feel a little self-conscious about your accent?
      • Is your insecurity about pronouncing certain Gen-Am English words holding you back from auditioning for more Tag-lish / English gigs?
      • Are you a Voiceover Artist from the Philippines who want to expand your business and be more competitive in the U.S. market?

No doubt there are many excellent local instructors in the Philippines who can teach you correct English grammar, but do they “sound” American?

Be guided by a native Filipina (born in the Philippines and long-time resident of the San Francisco Bay Area) who actually sounds like a REAL American.

That’s me. 😊

Join me on a “GEN-AM English Practice Session”, where pronunciation is our main focus.

Slight tweaks will make a huge difference in your Gen-Am English reads, right off the bat. [OK, how would you pronounce “bat” in that sentence? Find out during a session!]

Allow me to be one bridge on your Voiceover journey that leads you towards your BIG VO dreams … one script and one practice session at a time!

This is my way of giving back to my Filipino community. Let’s GO!

Ms. Liza

“I got the job! Thank you again…huge help, Ms. Liza.”

– E. Natividad  |  Voiceover Artist


Gen-Am Practice Session Details

For these 20-minute sessions, please bring a script (up to 30-seconds) for us to work on. This could be a practice script, a real audition script, or even a script for a booked job! It’s up to you.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a script, just let me know ahead of time and I will provide one.

We will meticulously walk through every word of every line of the script together, while I guide you with as many or as little tips and tricks as you need along the way.

Come to each session with a positive attitude. You will notice that learning and growing can be fun!

Private session fee:  USD $15 / per 20 minutes

Payment via PayPal or Venmo.





Let’s Get Started!


Answer mostly YES to the questions from the INTRODUCTION section.


EMAIL me at with the subject line “GEN-AM Practice Session: YOUR NAME” and I will send you a reply with the payment link and calendar.


Once I receive your payment and schedule request, I will send you a CONFIRMATION email with the Zoom or Google Meet session link.


Please be sure to double check the Time Zone Converter for the correct time in your local time zone. (Some schedules may be written in my Pacific time zone)

These practice sessions are NOT for students just beginning to learn the English language. These sessions ARE for students who have already had basic dialect / accent-reduction coaching and are ready to improve their pronunciation skills.

Due to NDAs, script confidentiality, and in order to provide the safest learning space as possible, these sessions will not be recorded.


FULL refund is given if cancelled more than 48 hours prior to the scheduled session.

NO refund is given if you are late or miss a session.